Is the Recess Issue Indicative of a Larger Issue?

In general, when possible, it would be wise for the board to make anticipated changes public and gain the benefit of public input prior to implementation.   Using the information gained from the public, the board would be in a better position to make a decision that considers implications unknown to … [Read More...]

Will Hiring More Staff and Spending More Money Solve the Problems at CHS?

Time will tell, but I am not optimistic.  It is a typical solution to school problems, hire more people and spend more money. The problem is how to respond to students who either lack a self regulating mechanism or who are intentionally challenging the authority of the adults?  These students … [Read More...]

Why I am a Candidate for the Cheltenham School Board

We need a School Board that solves problems. The current school board ignores problems until the public learns of them and demands action. The current Cheltenham School Board, under the leadership of its president, has made a habit of ignoring problems and misleading the community. We have … [Read More...]

Are High Achieving African American Students Still Being Inappropriately Placed?

  While discussing issues at the recent community meetings on Climate and Culture, I was a member of the Race and Equity sub-committee. I was distressed to hear of instances where bright, high achieving African-American students were not appropriately placed. I was aware of this problem years … [Read More...]

A Fresh Look at the Function of the Cheltenham School Board

I believe the school board should set policy and establish the focus and the direction for the superintendent.  This is a change from the way the board operates now. The responsibility of the board is to ensure that each school is funded and staffed appropriately in order to produce successful, … [Read More...]

Cheltenham School Board’s Lack of Leadership Has Negative Consequences

Cheltenham Schools are in trouble! Discipline problems threaten our students Fights were a daily occurrence this past spring Teachers were hurt badly enough to be hospitalized Our students and staff feel unsafe Why was this allowed to happen?                                                     … [Read More...]

CTRO’s very own Jim Schott inducted into the Cheltenham Little League Hall of Fame

CTRO is proud to have one of our members inducted into the Cheltenham Little League Class of 2017 Hall of Fame.  Jim Schott, 2nd from the left, with the 2017 inductees.  Congratulations to Jim and his family for this well-deserved recognition for his service to our community.  Job well … [Read More...]

CTRO supports NAACP Scholarship Fund

  CTRO is pleased to support the NAACP Scholarship Fund.  The proceeds will be used to advance the education of deserving students in need. We are proud to submit our advertisement in the Ad Book that will be circulated to the attendees of the upcoming Freedom Fund Awards … [Read More...]

My Plan To Improve Academic Performance

by Myron Goldman A successful school is more than several hundred people coming together in a building and being divided into classes.  A successful school has a unity that transforms individuals into a "team" with a shared purpose.  This doesn't happen by accident. A school is a system that … [Read More...]

My Agenda To Improve Our Schools

By Myron Goldman  If elected to the school board I will work with the superintendent to focus on solving discipline issues, school environment issues, achievement issues, racial and cultural issues and budgetary issues.   Some specific goals: Bring order to our schools Create schools … [Read More...]

A Response to the Insubordinate Students

by Myron Goldman In our schools, here in Cheltenham, we have students who act out and do what they please without fear of consequences from the adults.   The adults have an obligation to respond effectively. The disorder must stop. At the community meeting on June 1st it was admitted that … [Read More...]

Cheltenham Needs a Problem Solving School Board

by Myron Goldman The adults must regain control of our schools. Adults, not children, must be in charge. Does the board have a clue how to fix the chaotic situation? The Cheltenham School Board failed to address the discipline problems in the Cheltenham Schools and is now focused on the … [Read More...]

How to Control Salary Costs!

By Myron Goldman Salary costs can be controlled. The maximum salaries for teachers and administrators in Cheltenham are among the highest in Montgomery County. In 2017-18, the maximum salary for a teacher with a Masters+36 credits and 16 years of experience will be $111,923; in 2018-19, … [Read More...]

Why We Need a Change on the School Board!

The Cheltenham School Board Has an Obligation To Take Back Our Schools from the Bullies! Why hasn't it done so? By Myron Goldman There must be policies in effect that give the teachers and staff the authority and ability to keep order.  Current policies fail to do this. There must be … [Read More...]

Cheltenham GOP Endorses 2017 Candidates

Thom Estilow Finance Officer Candidate Cheltenham needs and deserves a Finance Officer who runs an efficient, friendly office full time. Thom Estilow is the man for the job. It is painful enough to bring large checks to the tax collection office. The taxpayer can at least expect a friendly … [Read More...]

Concrete is stronger then cement.   Bring diversity of ideas to the board.

    Concrete is stronger than cement! By Myron Goldman Concrete uses cement which is a strong building material, adds to it, and creates an even stronger material. A one party school board can be a good one, but a school board comprised of people from both parties will be … [Read More...]