Thom Estilow would be a welcome change from the 154th!

Thom is a man of character and unlimited energy.  He is committed to helping people whenever he is able to do so.   That is a mind-set that is part of who Thom is.   We need people in Harrisburg with Thom's approach to life.   Vote for Thom to put him there.  We will be the beneficiaries. Thom is … [Read More...]

Restoring Cheltenham Schools To Their Former Academic Glory

Restoring Cheltenham Schools to its Former Academic Glory. Racial and socio-economic background produces neither high nor low academic achievement. Academic success is a function of innate abilities, attitudes and behaviors. The challenge to the school district is to create an environment that … [Read More...]

Complacency has Costs!

One Party rule brings complacency and complacency brings poor and costly decisions. For 20 years every elected member of the Cheltenham School Board has come from the same party. (Registration in Cheltenham is 18000+ Democrats to 4000+ Republicans) Poor decisions of the Cheltenham School Board … [Read More...]

What has 20 years of one party rule brought?

20 years of one party rule of the Cheltenham School Board and what do you have? Buildings allowed to deteriorate resulting in an expensive elementary school building program that has increased the debt by millions of dollars. The Cedarbrook Middle School forced to close for mold, and, after … [Read More...]

A Specific School Board Agenda

End the twenty years of one party rule of the school board.   Bring diversity of ideas to the board. We present specific ideas, not meaningless platitudes. Improve Student Performance and end the achievement gap Principals need to manage their school by interacting with staff and students … [Read More...]