As many Cheltenham Township residents are aware, a recent Facilities Study was conducted by a local architectural firm. Cheltenham Township owns 16 properties including two Recreational Centers, two swimming pools, two libraries and other facilities such as Curtis Hall & Glenside Hall- all of which are in or near a state of disrepair due to lack of maintenance.

The Cheltenham Chamber of Citizens (a/k/a CCC) is a local non-profit organization whose primary focus is the betterment of our community. CCC is conducting a survey on our citizens’ views on the Facilities Study. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.



  1. Rhonda Isser says

    I would like to invite the members to join the Cheltenham Infrastructure Solutions FB where we discuss issues like this and try to come up with solutions and share information…we are non partisan and the sole purpose is a healthy community for all living in Cheltenham Township

  2. Rhonda Isser says

    There are more details on the Cheltenham facilities if any one is interested on the Cheltenham Infrastructure Solutions FB page..
    It’s non partisan and your thoughts and discussions are welcome..

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