The Cheltenham Township Board of Dictators, er um, I mean Commissioners gathered on Wednesday evening for their monthly meeting. One of the agenda items was the pending Muzzle Law.

It was fitting the meeting began with the promotion of three Cheltenham Township Police Officers to the rank of Sargent. All three Officers took an oath to uphold The Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, they had to perform their duties upon the conclusion of their swearing-in. Had they stayed they could have made arrests for violations of our Constitutional Rights.

This was the third meeting in the past six weeks the Muzzle Law appeared on the agenda for consideration. The first meeting was held in March and there was overwhelming public opposition to advancing the proposed law. The public opposition forced the Commissioners to table the issue for another month. The second meeting was held two weeks ago. Clearly, the Commissioners coalesced and were determined to advance the proposed Muzzle Law to the next step, which they did. Again, there was overwhelming public opposition. The Commissioners managed to find one person in Cheltenham Township who approved of the Muzzle Law. The third meeting was a few days ago. Like the meetings before, there was overwhelming public opposition and no supporters of the proposed Muzzle Law. Undeterred, the Commissioners held their ground, cut off many of the dissenters in mid-speech, refused to allow them to rebut and voted to advance the Muzzle Law to the next step.

There were some interesting comments from the public worthy of note. First, there were several fellow Cheltenham citizens who felt the Muzzle Law was intended to disenfranchise Republicans. They clearly stated they were registered to the Democratic Party but felt this was a discriminatory policy directed toward us. We heard you and thank you for thinking of us. There were also several dissenters who used the word “Muzzle” in expressing their opposition. The thin-skinned, tender psyche Board of Commissioners objected to the use of the word “Muzzle.” Apparently, we hurt their feelings. And finally, CTRO’s very own Rev. Val Bullock had a well-prepared, detailed and thoughtful dissent. They attempted to cut her off but she kept going. Go Val!!

In the end, none of this mattered. Multiple members of the Board made long, meandering speeches about streamlining meetings and how the Muzzle Law would allow them to get home early. They are the reason meetings go on forever, not the citizens.

The next step will be for the Commissioners to advertise a Public Meeting at which time a vote will be taken to pass the Muzzle Law. Incredible. I never thought I would see the day as a citizen of the United States of America where our government would attempt to make a law restricting public speech, which they will do unless we stop them.

What’s next for us? We will keep you notified as to the date and time of the next meeting. It will be a hybrid meeting- virtually via Zoom and in-person at Curtis Hall. We need everyone to attend and prepare a 3-minute dissent. We are the only ones in control of our own destiny.

Make Cheltenham Great Again!


  1. Check out letter to Joe Rooney on Facebook ATRO

  2. It is important that the public knows how the commissioners vote on this law so that when it’s time to come up for election it should be brought to their attention and vote them out plain and simple

  3. Rhonda Isser says

    Additionally to the new’ guidelines ‘ they aren’t going to be using the chat feature on Zoom to respond to citizens concens.
    At the last BOC meeting where this was discussed…the chat was basically used by citizens to converse with each other.
    I welcome you participate on
    Cheltenham Infrastructure Solutions
    We’re Bi partisan as Thom can attest and we’re heavily watched by the BOC

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