Last evening our beloved Myron Goldman stepped down as Cheltenham GOP Chair after eight years of exemplary service.

Myron is the driving force behind CTRO and his legacy as Chair will endure forever. He set a standard of excellence for us all.

At our meeting last evening we had the opportunity to honor Myron and celebrate his service to the Cheltenham GOP and to our community at large.

We presented a nice gift basket to him and his wife Louise and all of his friends in attendance shared stories of how Myron has been a part of their lives.

The fantastic news is Myron will continue to be a contributing member of Cheltenham GOP and the new Officers will always be able to seek his guidance and advice.

We are all so proud, honored and privileged to serve under his leadership and look forward to a bright future with our newly elected Officers.

Please join me in thanking Myron for everything he has done for all of us on a personal level.

A few photos from last night’s meeting.

Thank you for your service, Mr. Chairman!


  1. Ken Moskowitz says

    Myron was a mentor in Republican party. His line,”we are behind enemy lines” shows all of us to fight even if it (seems) useless. He is Cheltenham ‘s Happy Warrior”.

    Thom, you have big shoes to fill, and I’m certain you will.

    • Thom Estilow says

      Thank you Ken. Big shoes to fill is an understatement. Collectively, our new Officers will do the best we can. Fortunately, Myron will be an active and contributing member of CTRO and we can lean on him for guidance and advice.

  2. Nancy Becker says

    Myron, so sorry I could not be at your celebration. Unfortunately, MCRC’s reorganization meeting was the same night. I am sure your event was truly more of a celebation. You have served Cheltenham tirelessly for many years. Glad to hear you will be staying involved. Your knowledge will be cherished.
    Wishing you health and happiness.


    • Thom Estilow says

      Thank you Nancy and congratulations on your re-election as MCRC Vice Chair. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

    • Thom Estilow says

      Thank you Nancy and congratulations on your re-election. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Andrew Gadaleta says

    Thank you Myron for your service.
    It’s always been a pleasure to work with you

  4. Kathy Bowers says

    Congratulations Myron and Thank You!

  5. Jack Coupe says

    Congratulations for a job very well done Myron. Hope to still see you at events.

    Jack Coupe
    Area 15 Leader

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