Please join with me in congratulating Donna Dear as our 2024 Area 13 Honoree. This recognition is long overdue and well-deserved.

Donna is humble and loyal and is extremely generous with her time and money. When CTRO had to fill a vacancy for Recording Secretary she stepped up and took on the challenge, even though she was already serving in the same capacity for other organizations in which she volunteers. And for those of us who have reviewed her meeting minutes, they are the most detailed and accurate of any we have ever seen. Donna takes great pride in her work and the results are evident. You will find her every year walking in the East Cheltenham Independence Day Parade, handing out fun giveaways to our kids and celebrating The Greatest Country in History. When CTRO hosted annual dinners, Donna would always create the most beautiful centerpieces for each table. And when it’s Election Day, you can count on seeing her helping at the polls. She is truly Patriotic.

Donna’s most important quality is her Faith. She lives her life through her Faith. She touches many people and those of us who are fortunate enough to know her can feel the goodness in her heart, even if words are not spoken. And she does all this without asking for anything in return.

Donna never seeks the spotlight or personal attention. But today is Donna’s day and I am proud to let her know how much of a treasure she is to all of us. Please note a few photos from the award ceremony.

God Bless Donna & God Bless America!


  1. Sounds like congrats is in order! CONGRATULATIONS

  2. Mary Wylesol says

    Congratulations Donna! Well deserved!!!

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