The Cheltenham GOP would like to congratulate newly sworn-in Cheltenham Township Police Officer Matthew Bugieda (center in the photo above).

Officer Bugieda’s uncle is a longtime friend of the Cheltenham GOP, former Springfield Township Ward 6 Commissioner Jim Dailey (far left on the photo above).

It is clear that a “Call to Service” runs in their family. They must be very proud of him.

Please join me in congratulating our newest Cheltenham Township Police Officer and his family.

Welcome to our community!!


  1. Mike Hayes says

    Congratulations Officer Bugieda and welcome to Cheltenham Township! We honor your dedication to serving the community – thank you and your family –

  2. Charles D McKeown Sr(former Commissioner) says

    As a Former 20 year Commissioner in Cheltenham, I also want to Congratulations and you have joined the best of the best, great choice and I hope you have a long and safe journey as a Cheltenham Township Police Officer !!!

    Best of Luck,
    Retired Commissioner Charles D McKeown Sr.

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