Last evening the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners convened a Public Meeting to provide an update on the Facilities Study. The meeting was held via Zoom. For those who were unavailable to attend, the Township has posted the video of this meeting on YouTube.


Please note CTRO was represented and duly noted at the beginning of the meeting by one of our Township Commissioners. Apparently, borrowing & spending hundreds of millions of citizen’s dollars while pledging to raise our taxes by 5% annually was not the most pressing matter facing this Commissioner. What was more important to him? Right, his most important issue was to have CTRO remove our image from the screen. It should be noted CTRO stood strong & refused to have our First Amendment Rights subjugated.

The meeting extended beyond two hours. If you are unable to view the entire video, please forward to approximately 2:20:00. At this point you will notice the same Commissioner who objected to CTRO’s image call/text the Commissioner from his cell phone with his camera and microphone on. Why was he calling/texting his fellow Commissioner in the midst of expressing her views? Because he wanted to bring her address to an end. Spoiler alert: if you were expecting him to apologize for his behavior you will be disappointed.

Viewer discretion is advised as the content is disturbing.

Elections Matter!

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