As many of you know, the Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners voted to de-certify the Ogontz Fire Company which has been serving our community since 1892. The Cheltenham GOP like many members of our community are challenging the process used by our Township Commissioners to arrive at their decision.

As a result, CTRO Chairman Myron Goldman submitted an Open Letter to our Board of Commissioners requesting a postponement of any final action to be taken without further due process.

Click here if you would like to help save Ogontz Fire Company


  1. Maryclaire Dzik says

    I think this is a great cause!

  2. Elaine Rosenstein says

    Great idea! I believe they hired a Fire Chief, etc.

  3. Regina Bachman says

    While I am not a resident of Cheltenham Township, I am the wife of a recently former Jenkintown Fire Chief – 36 years. I am absolutely stunned that the Commissioners took this action without including the very members who have protected this community for most of their lives. Realize most of these Commissions have not even lived here as long as these dedicated Cheltenham servants. Cheltenham Township, like most departments request mutual aid from surrounding departments regularly. The Ogontz firefighters were callously advised to join one of the remaining four departments (who no doubt are also experiencing falling membership) after they voted to de-certify them. How they could do this to a Pennsylvania Chartered Fire Company is beyond me. I suspect no doubt, the lure of reducing their financial allocation is what sealed the deal. What has happened in our communities?

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