UPDATE: Pennsylvania Voter ID Amendment

The Pennsylvania State Senate recently passed legislation, which would put the question of a Pennsylvania Voter ID requirement on the May Primary ballot.

Polls across the country show that 70% of all voters support Voter ID, which is critical to restoring confidence in our electoral process. The House will also have to pass legislation to get Voter ID on the Primary ballot this year. 

Montgomery County Republican State Representatives Donna Scheuren and Milou Mackenzie have announced their support for this legislation! 

MCRC encourages voters to contact their local State Representatives to support them in addressing this legislation so Voter ID can be placed on the May Primary ballot.

Contact information for State Representatives in Montgomery County can be found below.

State Representative 152nd House District: Nancy Guenst
Phone: (215) 259-5962

State Representative 153rd House District: Benjamin Sanchez
Phone: (215) 517-6800

State Representative 151st House District: Melissa Cerrato
Phone: (717) 772-1999

State Representative 149th House District: Tim Briggs
Phone: (610) 768-3135

State Representative 154th House District: Napoleon Nelson
Cheltenham Township, Jenkintown Borough & Springfield Township
Email: RepNelson@PAHouse.Net
Phone: (215) 572-5210

State Representative 150th House District: Joe Webster
Phone: (484) 200-8258

State Representative 54th House District: Greg Scott
Phone: (717) 772-0749

State Representative 70th House District: Matthew Bradford
Phone: (610) 222-3490

State Representative 53rd House District: Steven Malagari
Phone: (267) 768-3671

State Representative 146th House District: Joe Ciresi
Phone: (484) 200-8265

State Representative 61st House District: Liz Hanbidge
Phone: (610) 277-3230

State Representative 148th House District: Mary Jo Daley
Phone: (610) 832-1679

Please tell your State Representative to vote “Yes”

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