I would like to express my deepest & most sincere gratitude to everyone who helped me on my campaign. Unfortunately, the outcome did not go our way.

I would like to congratulate my opponent for his resounding victory & wish him the best in his new office.

I would also like to commend my running mates for School Board & Township Commissioner for their efforts in the face of an uphill battle.

Very special thanks to my family who supported me & sacrificed precious family time during this campaign. Very special thanks to my sponsor & mentor, Gil Cox. Very special thanks to my teammate, running mate, chairman & community servant #1, Myron Goldman. And a very, very special thanks to my biggest cheerleader, supporter, confidant and Campaign Treasurer, Kathy Bowers.

For those who know me well, it should be no surprise that I have derived inspiration & have modeled myself after great leaders. My greatest inspirational leader was 1950’s/60’s-era Green Bay Packers legendary Football Coach, Vince Lombardi.

To my fellow committee members, running mates & supporters, this is what I read today (for about the 1 millionth time in my life):

Our next battle has already begun. It will be up to us to rise to the challenge again.

Thank you, again, for you amazing support & friendship in this incredible campaign. It was fun every day & I will always remember it fondly.

Campaign 2017 signing off. Over and out.


  1. John Fruncillo says:

    Great effort Thom. You deserved a better result. Keep the Faith.

  2. Kevin sharkey says:

    Sorry to hear we all lost my friend. On a good note my twins got to vote for the first time and they did so for you. lets get them next time. Your friends The Sharkeys

    • Kevin, thanks to you & your entire family for your support. Congrats & thanks to your first time voters for carrying out their civic duty. I️ am looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

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