CTRO’s 2019 Annual Brunch was a huge success. Special thanks to MCRC Chair Liz Havey, Guest Speaker Christine Flowers, Honorees Craig Bird, Chad Fulmor & Dr. Stephanie Vacharat, our State, County & Municipal Candidates & everyone who supported our event.


  1. Charlie & Nancy Look great, thank you for says

    I saw your pictures of the important people ????
    Thank you so very much for the recognition.
    I had a ton of fun, and my wife enjoyed the seats, the food that they ran out of,
    Let’s hope the party made enough money to get what the good candidates to help us win some seats !

    • Charlie McKeown Sr says

      To all Republicans !!!

      We need to hit the streets to send our message to the Democrats that do not ever see the local committee persons so they can hear our message !

      If there are candidates running for office, hit the streets and meet the people.
      Because one may be a Democrat, they may vote for you just because you took the time to say hello !

      Let’s win back our Towns it is never to late….

      Former 20 year Commissioner
      Charlie McKeown St.

      The numbers are the worst I have ever seen in my Ward 7, but I am back in the race as I feel the people are looking for good representation !!!
      If you can help me, call 215-514-9885 !!!

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