The Cheltenham Township Commissioner Board met last evening for their monthly meeting at Curtis Hall.

During the session, the board voted unanimously to hold a Public Hearing at the next Commissioner Board meeting to discuss Zoning Ordinances pertaining to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (MMD’s) in our township.

The Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday, 18 October at 7:30pm.  The location of the meeting will be Curtis Hall, 1250 W. Church Road, Wyncote, PA  19095.

Please note that this is not whether we are for or against Medical Marijuana.  Medical Marijuana is already legal in Pennsylvania and the important issue is where the MMD’s may be located in our township.

The last time this zoning issue was raised, the Commissioner Board attempted to restrict the location to one or two locations on Cheltenham Avenue only.  That initiative was heavily opposed by local residents & elected officials in both Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties that would have been directly affected.

The Public Meeting Notice will be posted on Cheltenham Township’s website in the coming days.  I would encourage you to check the site from time to time for the official notice & make plans to participate if you are interested.

Click on the link below for the township website:

Cheltenham Township Website



  1. Carmen G Reitano says

    During the last twelve years the Township had to deal with Smoking establishments located within the township and one specifically on Cheltenham Avenue, The residents were right in not wanting a similar venue,The location of this nature,Medical (Marijuana Dispensaries (MMD’s) cannot be denied to be located in the Township by Law, However the location should be given the same requirements as the Ordinance pertaining to Adult Business. This means it meets the same criteria as its location and hours of operation, Use that ordinance to establish the guidelines and only approve that location.
    The idea of having it located in the middle of a family business district and located within close proximity of many schools and private residences. Traffic and parking has always been an issue for this district and the nature of this business will be a major problem.
    1. Yes, permit it as identified already in our codes, (It is an adult business for adults and should be considered as such.
    2. The consumers will be there and will be served by this business but not as a disruption to the already busy district to the residents. (remember the argument about Princeton located in the same district).
    3. My recollection of the stores that opened up as precursors serving a specific group of customers of this nature created a number of problems.
    4, Do not deny it permit it and regulate it completely by Ordinance, hours of operation, and full permitting of the structure with full compliance to all of the Life Safety, Building Codes including ADA compliance.

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