Cheltenham GOP Endorses 2017 Candidates

Thom Estilow Finance Officer Candidate

Cheltenham needs and deserves a Finance Officer who runs an efficient, friendly office full time. Thom Estilow is the man for the job.

It is painful enough to bring large checks to the tax collection office. The taxpayer
can at least expect a friendly smile and efficient service. Thom Estilow is the man for the job.

The taxpayers pay the tax collector a six figure income. The tax collector should
work full time for the township.

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Commissioner Candidates Melissa Bowers-Palmer (Ward 2) and
Chris Decker (Ward 6)

Constituent service is an important part of the commissioner’s job. Sewers, township services including police, parks, swimming pools and trash collection are
important, but the commissioner is the resident’s advocate.

Melissa and Chris will be responsive to your calls for help.

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School Board candidates Myron Goldman, Ken Moskowitz and Kyle Venit believe:

Quality schools are essential to have an attractive township. Quality schools require a safe, welcoming, caring, supportive environment for all children. The quality of our schools needs to improve and Goldman, Moskowitz and Venit are committed to working with the superintendent to provide the necessary environment in order to encourage each child to achieve academically and socially.  Unruly students need to be expelled for the sake of everyone else.

An attractive township does not drive its senior citizens and residents on fixed incomes out of the district with ever increasing school property taxes. The current school board has voted to oppose a bill that would all but eliminate the school property tax in Cheltenham and throughout the Commonwealth. We support such legislation.
No resident should be driven out of his/her home because he/she can’t afford the taxes.

For twenty years, every member of the school board has belonged to the same political party.
During those years, the facilities fell into disrepair and the board has been borrowing tens of millions of dollars to replace them. Over the next few years, the board is considering borrowing over 60 million dollars for facilities. This will result in higher taxes and more money spent on buildings and less in the classrooms.

The Cedarbrook Fiasco

Children are in 3 different buildings and millions of dollars of taxpayer money is spent because the board followed a superintendent instead of leading her.

First, the board ignored the warning signs and hired a superintendent whom they would have to release during the second year of the contract. This cost the taxpayers money.

Then the board left the Cedarbrook issue in the hands of the superintendent. The chairman of the Facilities Committee let over a year go by before a plan was presented to the public. This wasted year has resulted in tremendous educational costs to the students and staff and tremendous financial costs to the taxpayers.

The Cedarbrook fiasco is an example of how a passive board can be costly. We will be an active board, working with the superintendent, but also leading the superintendent as the problems of controlling costs, ending the achievement gap and providing a safe , welcoming, caring and supportive learning environment for all children are being solved.

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  1. Anita Love says

    Hello My name Is Anita Love and I am new to Cheltenham Township my question is for the love of God why does the Democrats always win Commissioner

    Disabled Navy Veteran
    Gulf War

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