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Last evening, the Cheltenham Township Commissioner Board unanimously adopted an ordinance that will require owners to report firearms which have been lost or stolen.  The ordinance stipulates that anyone who fails to do so will be subject to a fine not to exceed $1,000.

Upon passage, President Commissioner Dan Norris announced, and I am paraphrasing, that this ordinance is an example of common-sense gun control and hinted that this type of legislation would not infringe upon a citizen’s rights in any way.  At the conclusion of Commissioner Norris’s announcement, the audience (save one) cheered.  The Commissioner Board and less than 50 residents in attendance beamed with pride at the passage of this ordinance.  Ironically, of the 37,000 Cheltenham Township residents, there are only about 100 people who will be aware of this ordinance (and it will only be that high if this article is read).

This ordinance was proposed at last month’s Commissioner Board Meeting.  In the intervening period, I ran into a high-ranking Cheltenham Township Police Officer and asked how the department planned on enforcing this ordinance, if passed.  The answer was, which should be no surprise, “We can’t, we will only be able to enforce this ordinance at a later time if the lost or stolen firearm is used to commit another crime that we solve.”  No kidding!!!

The visceral response of our Commissioner Board and the citizens in attendance should give us some insight as to the psyche of our brothers and sisters who are bent on dismantling a Constitutional Amendment through local or statewide legislation.  This ordinance will stop NO gun violence.  This ordinance will prevent NO gun-related deaths.  This ordinance will stop NO violent crime.  And, I predict, this ordinance will result in ZERO arrests, convictions or fines while it is on our Township’s books.

But, it sure does make our brothers and sisters who believe that any legislation will stop crime feel good.  It kind of reminds me of a lyric from an old Janis Joplin tune…

“Feelin’ good was good enough for me…..”


  1. Great perspective … Apparently no one in Cheltenham – or most Liberal-run municipality – bothers to consider the practical realities of enforcement. So without a doubt this is purely a Warm ‘n Fuzzy initiative. On the other hand, the concept of having to report Lost or Stolen firearms isn’t really a bad thing. I do not see how that impinges on the 2nd Amendment or privacy. Like your sense of humor (“… if this article is read.”j …

    • Thank you for your comment, Mr. Shortall. I contemplated posting this article for a month. Over that timeframe, not only did I coincidentally encounter a Police Officer as stated, but I sought out all of my gun-owning friends, neighbors & associates (which was about two dozen people). Every single one of them, without hesitation, informed me that they would IMMEDIATELY report a lost or stolen firearm in keeping with their ideals as “responsible” gun owners (note: they also couldn’t imagine a scenario where they would lose track of their firearm such that it could become lost or stolen). For the record, I have NEVER shot nor owned a firearm- and I don’t intend to do so in the future. While I personally know, admire & support the Commissioners who serve our township, they veer off course on a regular basis & spend time on matters that will produce ZERO results while there are myriad issues that require attention. I chose to write about the recent passage of the gun ordinance (mostly because it was “racier” than other issues), but I could easily have written about the resolution that was unanimously passed at the same meeting for the state to legalize radar for the purpose of speed control in local municipalities. The state won’t even know that a few tiny voices in the southeast corner spoke. Again, FEEL GOOD, NO RESULTS!! Finally, a great big THANK YOU for recognizing my attempt at humor. I made every effort to inject humor throughout. Have a great weekend, sir!!

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