For those of us who go about our daily business in Cheltenham Township and the surrounding area, we know firsthand of the relentless & horrible behavior when some of our neighbors discover that we are Republicans.

We witness it every time we go to our polls & vote on Election Days. Because we are steadfast & strong, we usually ignore the ugliness and go about our business. For some of us, however, we have reached our limit & no longer choose to volunteer at the polls out of concern for our safety.

All the while, our “No Hate” brothers & sisters deny the fact that they really are the judgmental & the prejudicial ones. Well, surprise, surprise!! The “ultra-conservative” Philadelphia Inquirer (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) has finally revealed the truth. For those like me who have experienced this boorish behavior firsthand, you will not be surprised by what you read.

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  1. Margaret Kaplan says

    We just received our Trump 2020 baseball hats in the mail!! My husband told me not to wear it…But I will!!
    Sad state of affairs.

    Margaret in Rydal

  2. Suzanne Hunter says

    Add Jenkintown to the first line. I experienced the rage & hate of my neighbor when he learned that I voted for Trump. He was so out of control, I was scared & afraid that he was going t hit me.

    • Carmen Reitano says

      If you believe there is no hate in Cheltenham towards the Republican Party, You are part of the problem.. It is especially exhibited during Election time and at the polls. I have a good time there greeting all the voters and thanking them for coming out to vote. The people that do not come out are the losers. It was probably their not voting that caused their favorite person or party to lose. When I greet some people they look like I just told them to F ^^^&& off. Amazing they are that way it, must be the Media, telling them what to think and how to act.

  3. Craig H Bird says

    The premise of this article is a solid foundation for further research and discussion. Let us address it responsibly and firmly.

    Craig Bird

  4. Herschel Elias says

    Such harassment and hatred based on people’s political beliefs is completely disgusting and fascistic. I am a registered Democrat but I am against such boorish fascistic behavior whether it is aimed at Republicans, Democrats, Bernie Sanders Socialists, Donald Trump populist conservatives or any one with a different political opinion. And of course it goes without saying that the “no place for hate slogan” should apply to political diversity as well as the politically correct ethnic and religious diversity. I believe that Cheltenham Township would be better served if we had a strong two party system. Unfortunately we have evolved into a one party Democrat controlled township. When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s we were a one party Republican controlled township. Neither is a good situation.(By the way I remember when my family first moved into the township around 1958 we were informally told that our street would not be plowed and our garbage not picked up unless everyone in the family registered Republican. This fear continued until the 1960s when my good friend the late great Congressman Jon Fox assured us this was no longer the case.) Unfortunately according to most political science 101 textbooks over 70% of the political entities in the United States tend to be one party controlled-i.e. either by the Republican or the Democratic Party. So much for political diversity! If there is anything I can do to help fight against political intolerance which in this township is aimed at Republicans let me know. In the meantime I want to congratulate Mr.Thom Estilow, Myron Goldman and the Moskowitz family for their work building up the Cheltenham Republican Party and fighting for political tolerance and a strong two party system in the township. I would also like to congratulate my friend Carmen Reitano for his great work with the leading pro-Israel organization in the United States-i.e. CUFI or Christians United for Israel. Oh yes my name is Herschel Elias and I can be reached at

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