Diana Carter

Diana has been a part of the Cheltenham community since moving here in 2010. She has supported the Republican organization financially through donation and individual candidates through volunteering. She has now decided she can no longer sit on the side and wants to make a direct positive impact by running for school board. Being the stepmom of two daughters who attend Cheltenham schools, Marisa, 16 and Christina, 15, she has witnessed first-hand an academic and moral decline since 2010. Yet, taxes have continued to increase.

Because of her strong belief in education, she has supported various school related activities. Last year the company she manages donated 2 storage units to school associations. This is on top of the donations and sponsorships her company provides to the Elkins Park Library, Cheltenham Little League and the Cheltenham Fire Department.

Diana has vast experience that can be an asset to the school board. A former CEO of her own company that she built while raising 2 children, she knows about finance, team work, public relations and contract negotiation. She formerly was a member of the PTA and worked directly with the school board in her home town in Maryland. Her experiences in other communities can bring fresh ideas and perspective to the Cheltenham School Board.

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